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Wuhan Terminal is one of the modernized railway terminals invested and operated by CRIntermodal. Wuhan Terminal is connected with Wujiashan Station on Wukang line, 57 km to Yangluo Port, a national class I port, and 32 km from Yangsi Port. With 6km to Wujiashan light track station, 3 km to 3 km to entrance of Beijing-Hongkong-Macao Express Highway, and 1.2km to Wuhan Bonded Area Logistic Center, side by side with CRE, CRSCS, and logistic base of Wuhan Railway Bureau, the terminal enjoys very convenient communication conditions. It takes 930.9mu of land and the total investment amount for the project is 390 million RMB. The terminal started construction in April 2008. Phase I project was completed in June 2009 with 2 loading and unloading lines of 1050 meters long to contain whole train operation. The terminal was opened on August 31 2010.
Planned and designed based on modern logistic development requirements, the terminal was set with complete railway loading and unloading facilities that can contain whole train operation. Based on different functions, the terminal is set with customs and commercial inspection spots, storage area, warehousing area and different container areas, container repair area and other service facilities in order to satisfy various customer needs. With modern container movement equipments, advanced container yard management and dispatching and monitoring system, we can realize automatic operation with high efficiency. The terminal is equipped with advanced IT system which can help customers conveniently process business or trace container status. With seamless connection with ports, customs, banks IT systems, customers can enjoy easy service with high efficiency and service level.

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