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The 100th Sino-Europe Block Train Departed from Zhengzhou Terminal
Date: September 16,2014   

    On August 1, 8:40am, the 100th Sino-Europe block train  departed from Zhengzhou Terminal, bounded for Hamburg 10,214 km away.

    The event was organized by CRC, which attracted 15 national media and about 40 provincial or municiple level media to broadcast.

    The block train was loaded with electronic products, fabrics, car parts, machanical and electric equipments, robots, etc., that was gathered from 20 provinces such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, etc.. The 82 TEU cargo which was loaded on 41 rail cars,  has a total weight is 600tons and a total value of USD 10 million.

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